Gum Recession Could Shorten The Life Of Your Teeth

Your teeth are created to be tough enough to last a lifetime. And although they undergo constant wear and tear due to years of biting and eating, they continue to function as desired and look attractive even into your senior years. The enamel, which is the hardest substance within the body, keeps the teeth resilient […]

Dental Implants Aren’t Purely Cosmetic Or Aesthetic

Aesthetics or functionality may have been the things early dental pioneers were aiming for. However, there are other benefits that these restorations offer. Today we know that implants are quite a skin deep, just like the real teeth. Besides, implant technology has advanced, helping dentists to perform the procedures more safely and increasing the success […]

Are Dental X Rays Safe?

When you come to our practice, our periodontists use modern techniques to diagnose dental problems. Dental X-rays are one of the modern techniques available at our clinic, which is effective in diagnosing the exact cause of dental issues affecting patients. Images from X-rays can show areas in your dental structure where your gums or teeth […]

The Risk for Gum Disease Increase While Wearing Braces

After your child receives braces to correct a poor bite, you may notice that the gums are swelling and turning red. These are symptoms of the mild or less serious version of periodontal disease referred to as gingivitis. Gum disease is an oral infection that occurs after plaque is not properly removed from the teeth […]

The Difference Between a Periodontist and An Oral Surgeon

Understanding the difference between an oral surgeon and a periodontist can be pretty confusing. This is because they both perform the same procedures and specialize in totally different areas of dentistry. Therefore, knowing the difference between the two professionals is vital, especially if you want surgery. Oral Surgeons Oral surgeons perform a wide range of […]