Dental Implants Aren’t Purely Cosmetic Or Aesthetic

Rendering of a single dental implant in a lower jawAesthetics or functionality may have been the things early dental pioneers were aiming for. However, there are other benefits that these restorations offer. Today we know that implants are quite a skin deep, just like the real teeth. Besides, implant technology has advanced, helping dentists to perform the procedures more safely and increasing the success rate of the procedure.

The Structure of Teeth

Understanding the teeth’s structure aids in how implants work. Living roots connect to the teeth below the gums where they securely anchor the teeth in place. Bone loss is among the unsought side effects you experience when you have missing teeth. Your jawbone shrinks by resorbing because of a lack of stimulation. As a result, the natural structural support for the mouth as well as the cheeks is lost as the jawbone recedes.

How Dental Implants help Restore Facial Structure

Dental implants replicate the entire structure of the tooth, including the root. As such, your smile improves and bone loss reduces or stops. As you chew on foods, the positive pressure exerted on the jawbone helps stimulate it to continue growing. This way, it helps prevent bone loss.
Since the jawbone does not deteriorate further, your facial structure is preserved. You are unlikely to have a sunken facial look. You are able to eat any kind of food you prefer even the hard, crunchy ones after the implants completely anchor in place and fuse with the bone.
It is paramount to understand how implants work and how they help you maintain your bite’s function and facial look. If you want to learn more about these restorations before you receive them, come to our periodontal office. Our periodontist will walk you through the process and explain to you how the restorations work. This way, you will be able to know what to expect when you get them. Schedule your appointment today.