Gum Recession Could Shorten The Life Of Your Teeth

Female patient holding jaw in pain in TucsonYour teeth are created to be tough enough to last a lifetime. And although they undergo constant wear and tear due to years of biting and eating, they continue to function as desired and look attractive even into your senior years. The enamel, which is the hardest substance within the body, keeps the teeth resilient to wear and tear. In addition to the enamel, the gums also help ensure the resilience of the teeth. Apart from properly framing the teeth, the gums also help protect the dentin as well as the roots of teeth and other parts below the enamel covering.

When Gum Recession Occurs

Despite the protective role of the gums, these soft tissues can shrink back from their usual place. When they do, they look unattractive and expose the teeth to disease. Shrinking gums also cause tooth sensitivity to biting pressure and temperature changes.

Gum recession arises from a variety of reasons, some of which you might not have control over. For example, if your teeth erupt outside the center from the bony housing, you are likely to have issues with the development of gums around them. It is possible that you inherited a thin kind of gum tissue due to genetic factors in the family. Thinner gum tissues are delicate and more prone to recession.

That being said, there are other causes of gum recession that you have control over. For instance, aggressive brushing tends to harm the gums, causing them to recede. And most likely, though, gum recession may be occurring because you have neglected proper hygiene for the teeth and gums.

If you don’t clean your teeth properly by ensuring daily brushing and flossing, you likely will develop a thin film comprising bacteria and plaque builds up. As a result, you may suffer periodontal disease, which consequently causes your gums to detach from your teeth, and recede. In the end, your teeth may fall out. Get more information on how to prevent and stop gum recession by contacting our periodontal team.