Are Dental X Rays Safe?

Female Dental Professional and radiologist, explaining X-Ray image to an male patient in Tucson, ArizonaWhen you come to our practice, our periodontists use modern techniques to diagnose dental problems. Dental X-rays are one of the modern techniques available at our clinic, which is effective in diagnosing the exact cause of dental issues affecting patients. Images from X-rays can show areas in your dental structure where your gums or teeth are impacted. This can prove to be crucial in devising a personalized treatment plan that can correct and treat the condition. However, many patients who visit our facility often ask if they are safe. At our clinic, we always target to allay fears that patients can have regarding dental X-rays.

Dental X rays are safe for all patients

We use safe radiation levels, which cannot harm your body in any way. Our dental experts are well trained in using safe techniques to diagnose dental health issues. Therefore, you can be rest assured that there will be no harm done to you when we take your dental X-ray.

Dental X Rays are crucial in detecting problems on gums and jawbone

Images from X-rays can be effective in pinpointing issues with your gums, which can be important in deciding on the treatment options for you. Some of these problems can be unidentifiable when performing a visual examination. That is why dental X-rays can be the best solution for identifying such problems.

Come to our practice for optimal dental care in Tucson, AZ

We have some of the most qualified periodontists who can offer effective management and treatment using modern techniques. Call us to schedule a checkup session, or to talk to one of our dental specialists. You will get advice and education on the methods we use to diagnose and treat our patients.