Specialties of a Periodontist

There are two things that periodontists specialize in over other aspects of dentistry – gum disease, also known as periodontitis, and caring for the other structures of the teeth, such as the jaw. This allows your periodontist to be able to help with many different ailments within the mouth.

If your regular dentist has suggested that you go in and see a periodontist, there is likely something off about your gums that they want you to get treated as early as possible. After all, the sooner you get treatment, the better!

Procedures That Your Periodontist Likely Covers

When you go in to see a periodontist, it is important to know what type of procedures to expect. If you go in and need treatment for early gum disease, you will likely get a scaling and root planing. This is cleaning the areas of your teeth below the gum line, helping to rid your mouth of a lot of bacteria. If your periodontitis is a bit more advanced, you may need to have a pocket reduction, which is a bit more advanced than scaling, and helps your teeth and gums form a firmer connection.

People who have advanced gum disease often lose some of their teeth. A periodontist can work with you to help restore your smile with options like dental implants. This keeps the jaw structure intact, and allows your smile to remain healthy. Gum grafts and grafts that build up the jaw so you can get implants are also procedures you can expect from many periodontists.

If you want to find out if a periodontist can help you, come in and see us. We will look at your mouth, then suggest procedures that we believe could benefit the health of your mouth overall. Contact our office today!