How Lasers Help Make Gum Disease Treatment Easier

When you have gum disease, you have many options for treatment. We can opt for things like manual scaling and root planing, all the way up to surgical options. One of the better options we have at our disposal is the laser.

It allows us to go in and clean your mouth out really well, ideally, preventing the bacteria from being able to come back. Here are some of the benefits you can get when we use lasers to help treat your gum disease.

Lasers Work Well for Gum Disease Treatment

When the laser hits bacteria, the bacteria die instantly. This allows us to rid your mouth of more bacteria than by most other methods which are done alone. What we try to do is combine treatments, including scraping bacteria off of your teeth, then following up with a laser to shape your gums, killing off any bacteria we may have left behind when we scraped your teeth clean.

Lasers are also able to give your gums a bit shapelier of a look. Most people who struggle with gum disease eventually struggle with receding gums. This can leave your gums with an uneven look to them, even after gum disease treatment is completed. By using a laser, we can give your gums a more natural shape, which helps your mouth look better at the same time that it feels better.

If you want to find out what other benefits you can get from laser gum disease treatment, contact us. We can perform a consultation and let you know if your smile could benefit from laser treatment. If so, we can show you which benefits will apply to your smile, and we can get an appointment set up for you to get the process started.