Problems with an Exposed Root

If you have any type of gum recession, you likely are to the point of having either a partially or totally exposed root. This can become a painful condition. Part of the reason that gum disease needs to be treated as early as possible, and prevented whenever possible, is that it can do a lot of damage to your gums.

When your gums recede, they go back towards the jaw bone, which can leave portions of the lower parts of your teeth exposed to what is going in your mouth. That can be a dangerous situation.

When Your Roots Get Exposed, They Tend to Hurt

One of the first things that happens when you expose a tooth’s root is pain. This can mean something as simple as increased sensitivity, or it can become an incredibly painful experience. The hardest part about getting an exposed root diagnosed is that it doesn’t always hurt. There may be days where it does hurt, while other days it won’t. Then, all of a sudden, the pain may not stop anymore. That’s when the full root of the tooth has become exposed.

When the root is exposed, it can also lead to an increase in tooth decay. Since there is no gum tissue left in front of the root, the lower part of the tooth can be more easily affected by things like bacteria, acids, and decay.

If you notice that you can see more of your tooth than you used to see, it is time to come in and get us to take a look. If the root of your tooth is exposed, we have procedures that can help. However, we need to know what the problem is and where it comes from before we can do much to help. Call us for an appointment today!