Could You Need a Frenectomy Prior to Getting Dentures?

Posted Aug 25 | 2018

If the frenum is interfering and causing your dentures to fit loosely, then you may need to get a frenectomy surgery, a procedure that reshapes and repositions the frenum to prevent the dentures from shifting or pulling.
What is the …

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Can Gum Tissue Regenerate?

Posted Jul 20 | 2018

Receding gums cause many problems. It can cause gaps or pockets between the teeth and gums. It can lead to problems with gum disease. It affects the appearance. It is not something people should ignore.
There are many ways to …

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How Are Gums Reshaped?

Posted Jul 13 | 2018

When we talk with a patient about having their gums reshaped, it is not uncommon for the patient to be a little bit anxious. After all, having your gums reshaped does qualify as a minor surgical procedure, and many people …

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Is It Painful When Your Gums Recede?

Posted Jun 20 | 2018

The aging process causes our bodies to change in many ways. One of the things that people notice as they get older is their gums begin to recede. The age at which this starts and the amount the gums raced …

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Is Any Type of Tobacco Safe for Your Gums?

Posted Jun 10 | 2018

It is hard for a person that uses tobacco to stop. They know that there are many health risks associated with the use of tobacco, but they find it hard to stop. That makes them wonder if there are any …

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Can Not Brushing Your Tongue Contribute to Gum Disease

Posted May 25 | 2018

Not brushing your tongue can lead to a lot of different oral problems. You may brush and floss twice a day and keep up on your oral hygiene, but those who do not brush their tongue may be causing more …

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Can Tofu Improve Your Gum Health?

Posted May 15 | 2018

If you are thinking about adding new foods to your diet, then you want to think about not only what is going to benefit your physical health, but also your oral health.
You will find that many foods have a …

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Eating Garlic and Ginger Can Make Gum Disease Stop Progressing

Posted Apr 20 | 2018

Today we are going to be talking about garlic and ginger and how both of them can help stop your gum disease progression.
Eating Garlic and How It Helps Your Teeth
Garlic has strong anti-fungal antiviral, and antibacterial compounds. They …

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Do Water Flossers Prevent Gum Disease?

Posted Apr 10 | 2018

Water flossers do help prevent and reverse gum disease, but you need to also continue to brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day. We’re going to be discussing what a water flosser is and how …

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Thank You for Our Successful March Event!

Posted Apr 06 | 2018

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