Can Tofu Improve Your Gum Health?

Posted May 15 | 2018

If you are thinking about adding new foods to your diet, then you want to think about not only what is going to benefit your physical health, but also your oral health.
You will find that many foods have a …

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Eating Garlic and Ginger Can Make Gum Disease Stop Progressing

Posted Apr 20 | 2018

Today we are going to be talking about garlic and ginger and how both of them can help stop your gum disease progression.
Eating Garlic and How It Helps Your Teeth
Garlic has strong anti-fungal antiviral, and antibacterial compounds. They …

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Do Water Flossers Prevent Gum Disease?

Posted Apr 10 | 2018

Water flossers do help prevent and reverse gum disease, but you need to also continue to brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day. We’re going to be discussing what a water flosser is and how …

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Thank You for Our Successful March Event!

Posted Apr 06 | 2018

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Why You Should Not Rely on a Home Remedy for Gum Disease

Posted Mar 20 | 2018

Tooth problems are not sufficiently addressed by home remedies. In most cases, it only lessens the severity of the symptoms and can sometimes complicate things more than it helps solve it.
A tooth problem not only dampens and alters …

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Dr. Cole and Dr. Sharp from Southern Arizona Periodontics discuss Periodontal disease

Posted Mar 15 | 2018

Second interview with the Morning Blend with Dr. Cole and Dr. Sharp from Southern Arizona Periodontics discuss Periodontal disease and how to replace missing teeth.

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Why Periodontitis Will Not Benefit from Mouthwash with Alcohol

Posted Mar 10 | 2018

Periodontitis is a serious disease that requires treatment. Without treatment, the teeth, gums and bone in the mouth can become seriously harmed or injured. The infection that is found in the mouth can cause further issues if it is not …

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SAZ Perio was on Morning Blend!

Posted Feb 27 | 2018

Dr. Edward Cole and Dr. Susan Sharp of Southern Arizona Periodontics discuss periodontal disease and how to replace missing teeth.

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Reasons Why You Should Not Fear a Root Canal

Posted Feb 20 | 2018

Root canals are great to have when you are having tooth pain that is too deep into the pulp of the tooth. When tooth pain happens, you want to do anything that is going to stop the pain in its …

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Problems You May Encounter from a Single Missing Tooth

Posted Feb 10 | 2018

Having a single missing tooth in your mouth can actually do a lot more in your mouth than what you realize.
The single tooth in the mouth can be replaced with something else when it comes to filling in the …

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