How to Keep Your Natural Teeth

Periodontists are not one of the standard dental health professionals most people hear about on a regular basis. Despite that over the course of your life, you may find that we’re one of your new best friends! Most of the time patients begin to see us once they encounter oral health complications or begin to hear words like “receding gums” or “gum disease” from their normal family dentist.

That’s typically where we step in. Periodontists work to treat issues where your natural oral health has begun to cause significant issues like gum recession, abnormal amounts of bacteria or infection, and complex surgical and non-surgical treatments such as dental implants. This is in most cases just a symptom of age. As we get older, our oral health declines naturally like anything else.

What Do Periodontists Do?

Our role is to work with our patients to develop comprehensive long-term solutions to maintaining healthy teeth. In the event that we can’t or that teeth need to be extracted or replaced, we provide the most advanced tooth replacement options available that give you the closest match to your real teeth as possible.

Our first priority however is the intervention of your oral health to ensure healthy gums and a smile with your natural teeth that lasts as long as you do. All of our efforts work towards that goal before we move on to anything else.

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