How Mouthwash Impacts Gum Disease

Mouthwash was said for years that it stopped gum disease in its tracks. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Mouthwash can help when you battle gum disease, but it will not treat it and get rid of it for you. You need to come in and see us when you want to treat gum disease.

It is our job to help you rid your mouth of the dangerous bacteria that is harming your health. Come in and see us when you want to fully treat your gum disease and restore your oral health.

How Mouthwash Can Help You When Treating Gum Disease

For years, people thought that using a mouthwash with alcohol would simply kill off the bacteria in your mouth. What it actually does is dry out your mouth. While it is important to go through and clean your mouth properly each day, including using the right kind of mouthwash, do not expect your mouthwash to kill off all of the bacteria and leave you in perfect health.

By using the right kind of mouthwash, that means using one that is meant to kill either the bacteria or the microbes in your mouth. It should not have alcohol in it, as that can actually add to your gum disease. It should be used following a solid brushing, and a thorough flossing. This lets the mouthwash get into the parts of your mouth that may have previously been blocked off by bacteria, tartar, or early-stage plaque.

If you want to have help treating your gum disease, contact us. Ideally, we want to try and prevent gum disease. However, once you have it, the earlier we can treat it, the better. Come in and let us see what is going on in your mouth. We can then help you keep up with the right oral hygiene routine for your mouth, and treat your gum disease.