Is It Painful To Undergo A Gum Graft?

female Tucson patient smiling and showing off her freshly cleaned teethYou may need a gum graft if you have receding gums as a result of periodontal disease. If your teeth are appearing longer than they should and you have increased sensitivity due to an exposed tooth structure, your gums may be contributing to the problem. Luckily, there is a solution for repairing receded gums that have pulled away from the tooth surface – that’s gum graft procedure. Often, people tend to ask if the gum graft procedure is painful. Here, we answer this important question.

How is Gum Grafting Done?

A gum graft helps patients who have receding gums as a result of things like periodontal disease, bite misalignment, bruxism or teeth grinding, and other dental problems. The procedure aims at covering the exposed tooth structure, hence reducing the symptoms that receding gums cause. A gum graft specialist removes a little piece of tissue from the mouth and places it over the recessed areas. Once the tissue is placed on the receded gum area, the dentist places gauze over the area to help it heal properly.

Will It Hurt?

When performing a gum graft procedure, a dentist will administer a local anesthesia that helps anesthetizes the parts of the mouth undergoing the surgery. Sometimes, you may receive sedation dentistry to keep you calm during the procedure.

Throughout the surgery, you don’t expect to feel pain whatsoever because the anesthesia is numbing you thoroughly. However, once you get home, and the anesthesia wears off, you may experience some soreness and discomfort.

You can avoid the complications and manage any pain you experience at home by avoiding brushing the mouth for at least a few days. Don’t rinse the mouth on that day when you get home. After the initial 24 hours following the surgery, you can use a mouthwash that you gently swish around to help kill off bad bacteria. Also, avoid hot foods as well as beverages for a couple of days. Eat soft foods in the first week of surgery. Don’t touch the surgical area with your tongue and avoid strenuous activity at least for a week. Find out more about gum graft surgery by contacting our office.