Things to Avoid When You Have Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can greatly improve the looks of a smile and therefore are popular restorations. To ensure their longevity, you need to care for them like you do natural teeth.

Times Where Crown Lengthening Could Improve Your Oral Health

Crown lengthening is a necessary procedure that is used to repair a tooth when it has been broken or cracked. They can also help to complete dental procedures that include the following: dental implants, root canals, or bridges. The trick is that the crown needs to be able to fix firmly to your existing tooth. […]

What Benefits Do You Get After Crown Lengthening?

Excess gum tissue can greatly affect your smile. Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy and straight, too much tissue can make them appear small, and give you a “gummy” smile. This can lead to a lack of confidence as you try, at every opportunity, to hide your smile. A crown lengthening procedure fixes your […]