Times Where Crown Lengthening Could Improve Your Oral Health

Crown lengthening is a necessary procedure that is used to repair a tooth when it has been broken or cracked. They can also help to complete dental procedures that include the following: dental implants, root canals, or bridges. The trick is that the crown needs to be able to fix firmly to your existing tooth. The procedure only takes an hour to complete, and it can help you if you don’t have enough of your tooth in place to be able to hold it on its own. That fact can be particularly true if you have teeth that have been affected by tooth decay.

How Your Teeth Can Benefit from Crown Lengthening

One of the most significant benefits of crown lengthening is that it is beneficial to your oral health. If tooth decay is something you suffer from, this is especially helpful to do because it reduces the risk of more decay. That is because more of the tooth is exposed. As such, brushing and flossing are more manageable now as well. It will also protect your decaying tooth from further rot. Your gums will also improve, and this is another way that you can experience better oral health.

How Crown Lengthening Can Help You Emotionally

The health benefits of crown lengthening are vast, but the emotional benefits are also a great bonus. Having your crowns lengthened can improve your smile by making it more symmetrical, and you have the gift of having a healthier smile on top of that. Another bonus to having a pretty smile? Your self-confidence can rise as a result. Having the ability to feel emotionally confident in your everyday life is something that could benefit your mind along with your spirit.

So the question remains, do you think crown lengthening is right for you? Are you ready to experience a better smile and health? If you are ready for a brand-new smile, contact our offices, and we can give you the smile you have always wanted for yourself.