Your Habits Could Be Leading to Jaw Pain

woman holding cheek in painIf you are experiencing a continual pain in your jaw that either comes and goes or seems to be perpetual, there are a number of possible causes that can be taken into consideration. And if that pain is severe or chronic you should be getting in contact with us immediately to set up a time to have it looked at, as chronic dental pain is something that should never be ignored. One of the main reasons is because it can many times be pointing to other serious factors that might need urgent attention. But for the times where the pain is only mild and manageable, determining the underlying cause would probably be helpful in alleviating it.

Excessive Gum Chewing or Teeth Grinding

Many times, it is as simple as something like this. Some people chew gum all day long, one piece right after the other. Often times, they are former smokers who developed the habit while they were kicking the other. And when it comes to grinding your teeth, this is a behavior which is almost always done without even realizing it.

Sleeping in the Wrong Position

Something else to consider when trying to figure out why your jaw hurts is how you lay when you are asleep at night. If you lay on your stomach or side, with your face mashed into the pillow, this can lead to a misaligned and painful jaw.

To let us help you find out exactly what may be causing your jaw pain, contact our helpful and knowledgeable dental health experts by calling or stopping by our office today. We will be glad to discuss these issues with you in greater length, as well as set you up with a time to return for a more in-depth evaluation.