A Dental Crown Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

man in blue shirt smiling with dental crown.Dental crowns are a part of restorative dentistry and are used to repair chipped, broken and decayed teeth which need addition support. They are used frequently because they can help save the natural tooth so the patient does not have to go in for a more invasive procedure to get a dental implant and artificial teeth. They are made of several different types of material which, if well taken care of can last for decades. A dental crown can be tinted to match the color of the remaining natural teeth in the patient’s mouth, making it difficult for others to notice.

Because crowns cover the entire tooth, they protect it from further damage and decay, thus restoring it to its normal strength. This allows the tooth to remain intact and fully functional. It also keeps the patient from having to use the bothersome traditional dentures, which always slip out of place and appear unnatural. A crown is permanently fixed to the patient’s tooth so it will not slip.

How Does Oral Health Impact Overall Health?

It is common knowledge that oral health and overall health affect each other. Because infections from bacteria in the oral cavity can easily enter the bloodstream through damaged gum tissue, the infections can be a contributing factor to heart disease and diabetes as well as other serious health issues.

Because gum disease is the biggest culprit in spreading these bacteria and infections in the bloodstream its important to try and prevent it from taking hold in the first place. Gum disease can start with losing a tooth. The empty socket can be a breeding ground for bacteria and possible infection. If the tooth is partially damaged, but salvageable, a dental crown can strengthen it and help the patient not lose the tooth. By keeping the tooth, the patient can avoid the potential for deadly infections being spread into their bloodstream.

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