Understanding the Discomfort That Comes With Gum Recession

Gum recession is something that can be seen, but sometimes, people think that it cannot be felt. Unfortunately, that is not true. Many people that are suffering from gum recession can feel the uncomfortable feeling that is associated with it. If the teeth are in an abnormal position, or if the recession is happening around decay. This can cause further discomfort for the patient. We do not want this to happen, which is why we take care of all patients that give us a call when something like this happens.

Gum Recession Is Fixable

When you are dealing with any issues inside the mouth, discomfort is not something that you want to continuously deal with. You want to find help as soon as possible, and in the best places possible. This means being able to find help with the right treatment plan. We work to find the best one for you.

Since the gums are moving towards the roots of the teeth, they can start to expose roots and become uncomfortable. These roots can become inflamed and cause a series of issues, and in some cases, a lot of pain. Sensitivity in the teeth, as well as infections are also commonly seen. These have to be treated, so that the issue does not become worse or travel anywhere else in the body. This is why immediate gum recession treatment is something we recommend.

If gum recession is treated early enough, the patient may be able to stop the recession from happening or at least stop its progression. Speak with us today to learn more about the discomfort that comes with gum recession, as well as treatment plans and options available to you. It is important to have the best possible care, and our office works with numerous patients to provide the right gum treatments necessary to give them the healthier, happier mouth they want.