There Are Many Procedures You Can Get When Visiting Our Periodontal Office

There are many different kinds of dentist. General dentists are the dentists that you see for regular checkups. There are also dental specialists. Orthodontists and periodontists are two of them. In order to work in this specialty, they get several extra years of education and training. Just because a person specializes in periodontal disease, that does not mean they are limited in the types of treatment they perform. There are many things that our periodontal office can do to improve your oral health.

Learning What We offer

The main things our periodontists are experts at is treating gum disease. What you may not realize is that reasons for gum disease and treating it require many different methods and treatments. Our offices are ready to provide everything needed to treat gum disease and many other oral health issues.

We perform both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Non-surgical treatment includes oral images to determine the extent of any problems and to also help determine the course of treatment. Deep professional cleaning is another non-surgical treatment that a periodontist can offer.

There are also many surgical treatments available. While the word surgery is scary, oral surgery does not mean you will spend time in the hospital. Most oral surgery treatments can occur in the office without the need for general anesthesia. Treatments such as gum grafts, laser treatments, crown lengthening, dental implants, pocket reduction and ridge augmentation are all types of treatment done in an office setting. Getting these procedures done in the office means that you can go home the same day to recover from the procedure.

Even though they carry the name periodontist, that does not mean they have not had training in many areas of dentistry. It only means they have extra training to treat specific problems. They have the knowledge and the training to make sure you maintain the best oral health possible.

Contact our offices to see exactly what our periodontists have to offer you.