Could You Need a Frenectomy Prior to Getting Dentures?

If the frenum is interfering and causing your dentures to fit loosely, then you may need to get a frenectomy surgery, a procedure that reshapes and repositions the frenum to prevent the dentures from shifting or pulling.

What is the Frenum?

The frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues. In the mouth, the frenum connects the tongue to the floor of your mouth and the inside of your upper lip to your gums, just above your two upper front teeth.

What Type of Frenectomy Do I Need to Get Dentures?

If you’re an adult in need of dentures, the most common frenectomy is the one on the lower lip. The reason this surgery is performed is to prevent periodontal disease and gum recession due to missing teeth, but it is also used in patients who are being fitted with dentures.

When the lips move to eat or speak, the frenum can pull the dentures loose, which can lead to improper, uncomfortable fit so having this small surgery can help you enjoy your dentures better.

How is a Frenectomy Done?

The most common way to do a frenectomy is with a scalpel, where the frenum is released with an incision. Depending on how much of the frenum needs to be removed, you may need stitches, which will dissolve in a few days.

A frenectomy is not considered a big surgery and it heals in a relatively short time. The surgery is performed with local anesthesia and there can be some discomfort and bleeding afterwards. You will be given instructions on how to care for your wound.

There is also a newer technology which allows our periodontist to use a laser that cuts the frenum gently by using small pulses. This is a popular method because it reduces pain and recovery time and causes less damage to the tissue.