Can Emdogain Help Treat Gum Disease?

Dentist and patient look at x-ray of potential gum disease.Have you been diagnosed with gum disease and are looking for non-surgical treatment methods to help correct it? Consider talking to your dentist about Emdogain to see if you are a candidate. This treatment option is relatively new and can encourage your body to grow new tissue.

How Emdogain Works

Emdogain essentially works by tricking your body into creating new bone as well as cementum and fibers used for attachment. The enamel matrix proteins it contains – also known as amelogenins – are taken from the developing teeth of pigs, and when these proteins are placed onto some of the root surface in a damaged human tooth, growth can occur.

If you reintroduce these proteins, you will trigger a biological response in your body, causing it to do what it naturally did when your teeth were originally developing. The enamel proteins can form an insoluble layer that will promote attachment of mesenchymal cells that produce new matrix components and growth factors. Ultimately, new tissues will be able to form without interference.

Using Emdogain in Gum Disease Treatment

After your dentist has determined that you have advanced gum disease, treatment options – including Emdogain – will be discussed. To use this treatment option, your dentist will clean the affected area and debride it of any diseased or inflamed tissue and tartar deposits. Then, Emdogain will be used to help your tissues to repair themselves.

Emdogain comes in the form of a gel and is applied via a syringe to be inserted into the impacted area. The area will be closed off, and you’ll be able to go about your daily activities as normal. While you may experience some discomfort initially, within two weeks, about three-fourths of the tooth surface in the impacted area should be covered with the new tissue.

Do you think that Emdogain might be able to treat your gum disease? Talk to your dentist today. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please contact us today.