Tooth loss is extremely common, with at least 120 million Americans reporting missing at least one tooth from their mouth. Having missing teeth can be devastating, causing problems with self-esteem and may prevent the sufferer from feeling like they can smile freely. However, it’s not just a problem with appearance; tooth loss can also cause bite issues, negatively impact the quality of life, and even lead to further tooth loss. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are missing teeth, we here at Southern Arizona Periodontics can help you restore your smile with the aid of dental implants.

What Do I Need to Know About Dental Implants and Dentures?

Your smile says a lot about you – a friendly smile can help you make friends, land a promotion at work, fall in love with your soulmate, and reveal your sense of humor. When you feel insecure about your smile due to gaps in your teeth, though, you may be missing out on many amazing experiences because you’re too shy to show your teeth.

For people who are missing teeth, there are choices available to them to help them restore their confidence. One popular choice that many people reach for is dentures. The main advantage of dentures is that they’re fairly quick to attain and they tend to be quite inexpensive. This can help a person get immediate relief from missing teeth. While dentures are convenient, they may not always be the best choice for you, however. Dentures can be uncomfortable, causing painful abrasions on your gums and cheek. They can impair your ability to speak clearly and eat your favorite foods and may not look natural.

Taking them out at night can be a challenge, especially for people who are in a relationship and do not want to be seen without them. They also do not prevent bone loss and may need realignment down the road. They are also only temporary and can last only up to five to ten years.

For people who may not want dentures, dental implants may be the better option for them. While dentures are an investment, they are also permanent and do not need replacing. They will last you the rest of your life and have an impressive 99 percent success rate. They appear completely natural and do not negatively impact your ability to eat or speak clearly. Because they are fused with your bones using titanium posts, they can help prevent unwanted bone loss.

They are also easy to keep clean, and you can continue to brush and floss just like you would do with real teeth. They may take a little bit longer to finalize compared to dentures, especially if you do have advanced bone loss, but many people find the short wait to be worth it when they consider the many benefits of choosing dental implants.

Missing teeth should not have to impair your quality of life any longer. If you’re suffering from unwanted tooth loss and are uncertain what your options are to replace them, please give us here at Southern Arizona Periodontics a call at 520-322-9300 today for more information or to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you restore not only your smile but also your confidence!