We’re Proud to Serve Our Community!

The Southern Arizona Periodontics team is proud to not only serve our local Tucson patients, but to proudly be a part of our Southern Arizona community!  We live and work right in the same places that our patients live.  More than trying to make our office a fun place to be that you can get to know us, but to also make a local difference.  See some of the things we’ve been up to in and around the office!

Our Community • Tucson Arizona

Happy Halloween!

Terrain Run!

See the Misfits in action!


Local Seminars

We’re here to help educate and learn at every opportunity. Our industry like any other continues to advance and grow and we’re here to stay on the cutting edge.



Dr. Cole and Dr. Sharp have been proudly serving Tucson for over 35 years, and that’s a reason to get out and celebrate our incredible staff whose committed to you: our patients.



You can’t help but get into the spirit when you visit us around fun holidays. Don’t forget to brush your teeth!


Bring in the Holidays with everyone from Southern Arizona Periodontics!