Your Gums Healthy Under Partial Dentures Takes Work

When you have a section of teeth missing, partial dentures are an ideal way of replacing them. They are effective when you have a set of missing teeth on one side of your mouth. As much as they help restore your smile, partial dentures make it difficult to keep the gums under them healthy. Therefore, you need to find ways of reaching the hidden gums and cleaning them daily.

Keeping Gums Clean and Healthy

Taking good care of gums is important for your oral health. It will be useless to get partial dentures and end up losing more teeth due to poor oral hygiene. Therefore, it is important to clean your gums even when wearing partial dentures. One way to do so is to brush them regularly. Just like brushing your teeth helps get rid of bacteria, brushing your gums gently will get rid of any stuck food particles and prevent infections.

Brushing will also keep your dentures clean and in good condition. However, it is important to use a brush designed for cleaning dentures when it comes to cleaning dentures. This brush has specially-designed bristles that will reach even the remotest of places. You should also avoid using hard-bristled toothbrushes when brushing gum because they can cause bleeding.

Flossing is also a good way of keeping gums clean and healthy. Flossing dentures and natural teeth are beneficial because it gets rid of stuck food particles and bacteria. If you don’t clean, bacteria will spread from your teeth and dentures to your gums, causing infections. As a result, you will end up suffering from conditions like gum disease.
Now that the partial dentures are in direct contact with your gums, they also need to be clean all the time. You should rinse the denture thoroughly to get rid of any stuck food particles and bacteria. Having clean dentures will also mean clean gums. Contact our offices for more information on proper gum care.