What is a Periodontal Pocket?

Have you heard that you have periodontal pockets? If so, then you need to consider how to get your periodontitis under control. Typically, you will come in to see us when you have periodontal disease. We are even the ones who will typically diagnose periodontal pockets.

If you have heard from us that you may have these pockets, it is time to take your treatment seriously. That way, we can save your oral tissues, and your teeth, together.

Understanding Periodontal Pockets

When you have a buildup of tartar and bacteria around a tooth, it can erode your tooth, gums, and other tissues that it comes in contact with. As the tooth and gums begin to recede, you are left with pockets between your gums and teeth where bacteria thrive. This increases the size of the pocket, plus it also allows for your periodontal disease to advance to deeper levels.

Typically, we use a few different treatments to work with periodontal pockets. First, we use scaling and root planing to get the base of your tooth clean. This gets rid of the bacteria, and allows the healthy gum tissue to begin to re-adhere to the tooth. Next, we keep that pocket space clean as it heals. Finally, when the pockets are deep, we can also use oral surgery to help the pockets decrease in size and help the tissues get healthy again.

For more information on how to take care of periodontal pockets, or what to do if you believe you have them, contact us. We will have you come in, take a look at what is going on in your mouth, and discuss what treatment options you have to help get your mouth healthy once more. We can help when you struggle with periodontal pockets. Do not try to tackle them on your own.