What Could Oil Pulling Do for Your Gum Health?

For people who are interested in keeping their gums healthy, one practice to consider is oil pulling. While it is not a replacement for your other oral health routines, oil pulling can help reduce bacteria levels and promote healing of the gum tissue.

The Practice of Oil Pulling

If you have not heard of oil pulling, it is the practice of using oil to clean the mouth. It is fairly simple: take a small amount of oil (many people use a tablespoon) and swish it around your mouth for a period of time, being sure to get it in between the teeth. Then spit the oil out

While there are a number of oils used for oil pulling, by far the most popular one is coconut oil. Some people add a small amount of other ingredients such as cinnamon to the oil in order to enhance the flavor and provide other benefits.

Oil Pulling Can Help Improve Gum Health

While oil pulling does not seem to be the cure-all that some people tout it as, it certainly does have a place in your oral hygiene routine. Many people claim that oil pulling will help your body relieve itself of toxins, leading to better overall health.

While there is not enough scientific evidence to back this claim, there is an undisputed benefit to the practice in the form of reduced bacterial levels.

Keep in mind that the bacteria in your mouth are what lead to issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. When you use an oil with antibacterial properties, you help keep the bacteria levels down. This is always a good thing in terms of your gum health.

If you have been wondering about oil pulling, give it a try. You will find that it does help keep your gum tissue healthy.