What are the Various Types of Dental Implants?

Call your Tucson Periodontist to see if they offer this solution.Dental implants are oral appliances created from pure titanium. These appliances are quite small and fit into the gum to act as tooth roots. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. Given their stability, these oral appliances are the best tooth replacement option available. There are different types of dental implants, they include:

Endosteal Implants

These are the most common type of implants. Their structure is ideal for most patients, but they need a healthy jawbone to fit correctly. Endosteal implants have placeholder posts shaped like screws to hold the crown in place. Once placed into the jaw, the false teeth are anchored onto them. After getting these dental implants, it takes quite a short time to heal. This is because Endosteal implants take a short time to fuse and create a tough base. Once healed, you can start using the implant just like natural teeth. You won’t have to deal with the effects of missing teeth anymore.

Subperiosteal Implants

This is another common type of dental implant. Subperiosteal implants are the main alternative to Endosteal implants. The main difference between them and Endosteal implants is that they rest on top of the bone instead of being fixed into the jawbone. Then, a metal frame is placed under the gum, and a post is attached to it. This type of implant also takes a short time to heal, given they are placed on top of the bone.

Zygomatic Implants

These are the least common type of implants. Getting Zygomatic implants requires a highly complex procedure applied if you don’t have enough jawbone. Unlike the other two types of implants, this one takes time to heal. It could take up to three months for you to start using your Zygomatic implants. Please schedule an appointment with us for more information on the various types of dental implants.