Times Where Gum Grafts Are Necessary

Gum grafts provide many benefits. For someone who is worried about their appearance due to receding gums, a gum graft can provide a solution. People who think they have a toothy smile, may find a gum graft beneficial. Gum grafts sued for cosmetic purposes are not necessary.

They can make a person feel better about themselves, but they may not provide any other benefits. Other reasons for gum grafts offer more than just a cosmetic change. They are necessary to help with potentially serious issues.

The Basics of a Gum Graft

There are different types of gum grafts. The different types of grafts rely on tissue from different sources. When the graft comes from the person that needs the graft, there are different ways to get the tissue. Regardless of where the tissue comes from, a gum graft utilizes the tissue to cover gaps or spaces in between the teeth and gums. It is a surgical procedure that is typically done in our office.

The gum graft is stitched into place and covered with a dressing. It takes one to two weeks for the graft to heal. During that time, the graft will permanently attach itself and will start to grow new and healthy gum tissue around it.

The Reason for a Gum Graft

While there are cosmetic reasons, gum grafts may also help improve the overall health of an individual. Receding gums are a common problem with a person suffering from gum disease. Gum disease can create space and pockets where the bacteria that cause gum disease can grow. If left untreated, the gum disease will spread.

Treatment for gum disease involves cleaning the bacteria that is present. The gum grafts help repair the damage caused by gum disease and eliminate the spaces where the bacteria could return. The gum graft can help restore the health of the gums damaged by gum disease.

For more information about gum disease and the use of gum grafts, contact the dental professionals at our offices.