Should You Drink Green Tea During Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal disease is an infection in the areas surrounding your teeth. It can start in the gums but can quickly spread to other areas, potentially leading to damage in the structures that hold your teeth, causing them to come loose and even fall out. Fortunately, this problem can be treated. And, during treatment, the consumption of green tea can help further aid in the healing process.

Benefits of Green Tea

In many cultures, it is believed that green tea can help cure diseases and heal wounds. It has been used for weight loss and to slow the aging process. Recently, studies have shown that green tea does, in fact, carry some health benefits, such as for the heart as well as cancer prevention. It has also been shown that those who regularly drink green tea have better overall periodontal health.

How Does Green Tea Help?

Green tea contains antioxidant properties. These antioxidants help reduce inflammation. Catechin, one of the antioxidants, in green tea actually interferes with the inflammatory response that would normally occur in the presence of bacteria. A study done in Japan proved that those who routinely drank green tea had healthier gums than those who did not drink the beverage.

Green tea also helps reduce the bacteria found in the mouth. This is helpful during periodontal treatments as bacteria can cause the problem to reoccur. As a result, the chances of maintaining all of your original teeth greatly improves.

Green tea is more than a delicious hot beverage to enjoy on a chilly day. Due to the antioxidants present, it has a whole host of potential health benefits, from helping with weight loss, to keeping your heart healthy and even helping to prevent cancer. It can even help keep your mouth healthy.

If you have suffered from periodontal disease and are now in the treatment phase, consuming a cup of green tea on a daily basis can aid in the healing process as well as help you prevent future problems from ever occurring.

Please contact us if you have any questions about green tea’s effect on your oral health.