Recovery from Gum Disease Treatment Must Include Careful Oral Hygiene

Posted Jan 30 | 2019

Getting treatment for gum disease is not fun. It does not matter what kind of treatment you have to get. Whether it is cleaning, scaling and root planing or surgery, no one wants to go through with it more than …

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How Leaving Gum Disease Untreated Can Negatively Impact Your Mind

Posted Jan 15 | 2019

It is easy to ignore some of the symptoms that come with gum disease. The swelling and inflammation may subside. The pain may come and go. The bleeding gums may not bother you. There are also plenty of excuses not …

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What Are the Different Stages of Gum Disease?

Posted Dec 30 | 2018

Not all cases of gum disease are the same. It is possible to describe gum disease in stages. The stages range from the mild cases to the severe. There are different symptoms for the different stages. Treatment for the gum …

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What to Expect During Scaling and Root Planing

Posted Dec 15 | 2018

There are several ways to treat gum disease. In the earliest stages, the treatment involves a professional cleaning and improved oral hygiene habits. As the disease progresses, the treatments get more aggressive.
For people who have a more advanced stage …

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Times Where Gum Grafts Are Necessary

Posted Nov 30 | 2018

Gum grafts provide many benefits. For someone who is worried about their appearance due to receding gums, a gum graft can provide a solution. People who think they have a toothy smile, may find a gum graft beneficial. Gum grafts …

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Signs Your Gum Disease Treatment is Helping

Posted Nov 15 | 2018

If you have been undergoing treatment for gum disease, you know that it can be tempting to wonder if it’s making any difference. Between the rigorous cleaning, the frequent trips to our office, and even (in some cases) surgery, there …

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Foods That Cause Damage to Your Gums

Posted Oct 20 | 2018

There is an old saying that you are what you eat This can mean many different things. When it comes to the health of your teeth and gums the diet you follow plays a bigger role than you may realize. …

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Flossing Can Help Keep Gum Disease Away

Posted Oct 10 | 2018

No one wants to deal with tooth pain. The worse the pain is, the bigger the problem usually is. Pain is one of the symptoms of gum disease. Instead of worrying about how you can fix the problems associated with …

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What Is Peri-implantitis?

Posted Sep 20 | 2018

Peri-implantitis is an inflammation, very similar to periodontal disease, that affects the soft and hard tissues surrounding an implant. This condition is usually caused by the loss of the supporting bone, bleeding when probed or sometimes an increased pocket depth …

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Ways of Keeping Your Gums Healthy at Home

Posted Sep 10 | 2018

Healthy gums and teeth is the goal of our team of professionals here. Brushing twice daily with a soft bristle brush, flossing at least once daily, and visiting us regularly will all go to help you keep a healthy mouth …

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