Ways to Recognize Gum Disease Before It Becomes Painful

Posted May 10 | 2019

Gum disease can lead to some very uncomfortable situations. However, one thing that makes it so challenging to recognize is that it tends to be relatively painless in its beginning stages.
Fortunately, you can educate yourself …

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Why Athletes Often Struggle with Gum Disease

Posted Apr 20 | 2019

They cross the finish line, the crowd goes wild, and the athletes flash a winning grin – full of teeth fraught with tooth decay and gum disease. While being an Olympic athlete is extremely uncommon, what isn’t uncommon is the …

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When Are Periodontal Stabilization Splints Necessary?

Posted Apr 10 | 2019

With the progression of advanced periodontal disease, teeth can become loose and unstable. Known as “secondary occlusal trauma,” the roots of the teeth and gums are no longer able to keep the teeth firmly intact. Bite force can exacerbate this …

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Managing the Pain of Exposed Roots During Gum Disease Treatment

Posted Mar 20 | 2019

When we are treating you for gum disease, the process can take some time: depending on the severity of your gum disease, you could be looking at a treatment period as short as 10 to 14 days, or as long …

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Periodontitis May Increase Risk Of Developing Dementia, Study Suggests.

Posted Mar 19 | 2019

Forbes (3/17) contributor Robert Glatter, MD, states that “researchers in South Korea studied the relationship between chronic periodontitis and dementia over a 10 year period,” finding those with “chronic periodontitis had a 6% higher risk for dementia compared to those …

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Is There Any Relationship Between Gum And Gum Disease Treatment

Posted Mar 10 | 2019

When you have gum disease (a.k.a. Periodontal disease) it’s because the tissues around your teeth are infected. Left untreated, this can result in tooth loss. Unfortunately, you may not even realize it’s happening since it’s usually painless.
Nevertheless, many people …

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Effects of Chewing Tobacco on Your Gums

Posted Feb 28 | 2019

The most common way people use tobacco is by smoking cigarettes. There are also plenty of people who enjoy chewing tobacco. Just like smoking, chewing tobacco is habit forming and can lead to a multitude of health problems. Many of …

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Recovery from Gum Disease Treatment Must Include Careful Oral Hygiene

Posted Jan 30 | 2019

Getting treatment for gum disease is not fun. It does not matter what kind of treatment you have to get. Whether it is cleaning, scaling and root planing or surgery, no one wants to go through with it more than …

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How Leaving Gum Disease Untreated Can Negatively Impact Your Mind

Posted Jan 15 | 2019

It is easy to ignore some of the symptoms that come with gum disease. The swelling and inflammation may subside. The pain may come and go. The bleeding gums may not bother you. There are also plenty of excuses not …

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What Are the Different Stages of Gum Disease?

Posted Dec 30 | 2018

Not all cases of gum disease are the same. It is possible to describe gum disease in stages. The stages range from the mild cases to the severe. There are different symptoms for the different stages. Treatment for the gum …

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