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The Risk for Gum Disease Increase While Wearing Braces

Posted Jan 24 | 2022

After your child receives braces to correct a poor bite, you may notice that the gums are swelling and turning red. These are symptoms of the mild or less serious version of periodontal disease referred to as gingivitis. Gum disease …

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Is it Painful to Have a Gum Graft Procedure?

Posted Jan 10 | 2022

People who have receding gums may reverse the problem with a surgical technique known as gum grafting. The surgery can help prevent loss of teeth and repair a smile. If you are considering gum grafting, it is likely that you …

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Are There Chances of Dental Implants Causing Gum Disease

Posted Dec 23 | 2021

Periodontal disease also referred to as gum disease, causes inflammation of the gums. The infection arises from bacteria growth and is usually a result of poor oral hygiene. Periodontitis, which starts as gingivitis, a mild form of the disease, occurs …

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What are the Various Types of Dental Implants?

Posted Dec 10 | 2021

Dental implants are oral appliances created from pure titanium. These appliances are quite small and fit into the gum to act as tooth roots. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. Given their stability, these oral appliances are the …

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Why Does Your Risk of Stroke Increase with Gum Disease?

Posted Nov 22 | 2021

Gum disease can pose a risk to your oral health as well as your overall health. When food particles remain stuck in your mouth, they mix with saliva to form a substance called plaque. If you run your tongue across …

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The Difference Between a Periodontist and An Oral Surgeon

Posted Nov 08 | 2021

Understanding the difference between an oral surgeon and a periodontist can be pretty confusing. This is because they both perform the same procedures and specialize in totally different areas of dentistry. Therefore, knowing the difference between the two professionals is …

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What are the Effects of Chronic Disease to Dental Implants?

Posted Oct 25 | 2021

Dental implants are an excellent tooth-replacement option, especially for patients missing one or more teeth. These oral appliances work well for those with healthy mouths. However, if you have a chronic disease, you might experience some challenges with your dental …

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Periodontal Abscess Treatment

Posted Oct 11 | 2021

You might have a gum abscess if you notice that your gums are swollen or bleeding or if you are experiencing pain throughout your jaw. A gum abscess requires a dentist appointment so you can get the necessary treatment and …

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Your Gums Healthy Under Partial Dentures Takes Work

Posted Sep 21 | 2021

When you have a section of teeth missing, partial dentures are an ideal way of replacing them. They are effective when you have a set of missing teeth on one side of your mouth. As much as they help restore …

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What You Can Do at Home to Help Keep Your Gums Healthy

Posted Sep 08 | 2021

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy could be one of the best decisions you make regarding your overall health. Healthy teeth and gums go a long way in helping us maintain a healthy body and mind. Most people think …

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