Is There Any Relationship Between Gum And Gum Disease Treatment

When you have gum disease (a.k.a. Periodontal disease) it’s because the tissues around your teeth are infected. Left untreated, this can result in tooth loss. Unfortunately, you may not even realize it’s happening since it’s usually painless.

Nevertheless, many people do suffer from it because it’s caused by a common occurrence: Plaque is created when food meets with saliva in your mouth then builds a sticky, bacterial film on your teeth.

Factors That Increase the Risk of Developing gum Disease

While gum disease is common, there are some things that increase your likelihood of suffering from it. One of the biggest problems occurs when you don’t have good oral hygiene habits. Sometimes this isn’t even your fault – like when some of your teeth are crooked.

Things like genetics, smoking, chewing tobacco, and diabetes will also make you more prone to gum disease. There are also some medications that will increase your propensity. These include steroids, anti-epilepsy medications, cancer therapies, oral contraceptives, and calcium channel blockers.

Dealing with Suspected gum Disease

You’ll know you’re dealing with gum disease because your gums will be tender, red, swollen, and easily bleed. This causes your teeth to become loose, especially when you bite down. When you have any of these issues, you’ll want to set up an appointment with our office as soon as possible because the earlier you treat your gum disease, the better. Usually we can eliminate the disease with a professional cleaning if you brush and floss daily afterwards. Otherwise you may start losing tissue and bones as this disease quickly progresses. Unfortunately, this ongoing disease is linked to many health conditions like strokes and diabetes.

When you feel like you’re suffering from some type of gum disease, make sure you reach out to us. We can help you maintain a healthy smile.