Foods That Endanger the Health of Your Gums

You might not be conscious about what you take in, but the foods that you eat everyday tremendously affect your gum health. Eating unhealthy foods that are detrimental to your teeth reflect the gravity of danger it has on your overall wellness.

Unhealthy food choices and eating patterns strongly manifest itself with young children and teenagers who suffer from dental problems in their early years.

Sugary Food Choices are the Primary Culprit

Sugary foods breed bad bacteria in the mouth, causing bad breath and the formation of cavities. Combined with an unhealthy oral habit, the influx and accumulation of bad bacteria can cause several complications including tonsil infections. What normally happens when you eat is that unprocessed food particles are left in the mouth. The presence of sugar in your mouth is fed by bad bacteria, which creates acid. The accumulation of acid creates cavities that cause infection.

While it is impossible to eliminate sugar in our diets, minimizing intake, especially refined sugars, can help reduce the possibilities of acquiring tooth problems in the long run. Brushing after every meal is the best way to get rid of sugar in the mouth and helps protect the teeth and gums.

Sodas and Sports Drink Strip Minerals from Your Tooth Enamel

Not only do sodas discolor your teeth, they also strip the vital minerals needed to sustain its glow. Sodas, energy drinks, alcohol, and coffee can stain the tooth enamel and are packed with sugar and acids. They contain a large amount of sugar and acid, which causes cavities and erodes the enamel of your teeth.

Choosing healthier alternatives would not only preserve the whiteness of your teeth but also eliminate gum problems. If you want to find out more information, get in touch with us and we will be happy to give you advice and information on how to care for your gums and teeth.