Does Gum Disease Increase Prostate Symptoms?

When you hear the word gum disease, you may assume that the issues with that are all in the mouth. While gum disease does impact your oral health, that does not mean it does not affect your overall health. Gum disease can create many other issues in the body, including heart problems, circulation issues and even problems with your prostate.

Understanding these things can lead many people taking steps to manage the issue of gum disease.

Problems with the Prostate

Many people assume that problems with the prostate only happen when they get older. Prostate cancer and an enlarged prostate are two things that concern people. Another issue that can happen to people of any age is inflammation of the prostate. When this occurs, it is harder to urinate. Prostatitis is the condition of an inflamed prostate. There are several causes for this condition. One of the possible causes is gum disease.

Connecting Gum Disease

Gum disease causes inflammation of the gums, but it is not limited to that. It can also create inflammation in other parts of the body. The bacteria that cause gum disease can spread to other parts of the body and they can cause those parts to suffer from inflammation. If this happens in the prostate, inflammation is often a result.

Treating the gum disease can reduce the inflammation of the prostate. Treating the gum disease reduces the inflammation causing bacteria and can help reduce the problems the body is having, including with the prostate. Many health professionals are recommending the treatment of gum disease to people suffering from issues with their prostate.

The body is a complex machine. All the parts of the body need to work together to remain healthy. It is not hard to see that treating gum disease will help with prostate issues and others. Take the time to contact our offices to schedule an appointment with one of our dental health professionals to learn more about how your oral health impacts your body.