3 Possibilities For A Gummy Smile

Having little gum may not be a problem for some people; however, showing too much gum can make you self-conscious. Although a gummy smile may not affect the function of the gums, it can impact the aesthetics of your smile. Your gums should frame the teeth proportionally while also helping stabilize them. There are many […]

What is a Tooth Gap?

It is also diastema and is the gap found between teeth. It can be located in between any teeth. Diastema is not destructive, and it usually appears in children and adults. For children, the gap is fixed when permanent teeth replace the shedding milk teeth. Having gap teeth is not a deficiency, and its treatment […]

Teething for Children

A baby is born without teeth and the new set of teeth begin teething at about 6 months. The teething process can be an experience not so comfortable for your child. Teething with children is not a comfortable experience there is sore gums, temperature increase, excessive drooling, or chewing of objects. Make a dental visit […]

Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels Can Help Treat Your Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is incredibly common, and with half of American adults struggling with some degree of this disease, finding new ways to reduce the incidence of it is critical. The link between elevated cholesterol levels is well documented; reduced circulation caused from high cholesterol can lead to heart attack, stroke, and — of course — […]

What Crowns Do and Why They Are Necessary

When you hear a person is getting a crown, you may imagine that they are royalty and envision a ceremony held in a castle. While that is one type of crown, there is another type that people can have, even if they are not a part of a royal family. Dental crowns are an option […]

Ways to Recognize Gum Disease Before It Becomes Painful

Gum disease can lead to some very uncomfortable situations. However, one thing that makes it so challenging to recognize is that it tends to be relatively painless in its beginning stages. Fortunately, you can educate yourself as to some of the early signs of gum disease, enabling yourself to recognize it long before it reaches […]

Periodontitis May Increase Risk Of Developing Dementia, Study Suggests.

Forbes (3/17) contributor Robert Glatter, MD, states that “researchers in South Korea studied the relationship between chronic periodontitis and dementia over a 10 year period,” finding those with “chronic periodontitis had a 6% higher risk for dementia compared to those without periodontitis,” even “after controlling for behaviors such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and degree of […]

Ways of Keeping Your Gums Healthy at Home

Healthy gums and teeth is the goal of our team of professionals here. Brushing twice daily with a soft bristle brush, flossing at least once daily, and visiting us regularly will all go to help you keep a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Aside from getting professional cleanings and X-rays as needed, there are […]

Is Any Type of Tobacco Safe for Your Gums?

It is hard for a person that uses tobacco to stop. They know that there are many health risks associated with the use of tobacco, but they find it hard to stop. That makes them wonder if there are any tobacco products they can use that pose fewer health risks. They wonder if there is […]