Can Not Brushing Your Tongue Contribute to Gum Disease

Not brushing your tongue can lead to a lot of different oral problems. You may brush and floss twice a day and keep up on your oral hygiene, but those who do not brush their tongue may be causing more problems for their mouth unintentionally.

You see, bacteria does not just live on the teeth and gums, it also thrives on the tongue. That is why it is important to include brushing your tongue, or using a tongue scraper, in your oral healthcare routine.

Your Tongue and Gum Disease

Usually when the tongue becomes dry or is not getting brushed enough, the collection of bacteria begins to rapidly increase and starts causing problems. This typically leads to gum disease and other oral problems. The longer these bad habits continue, the faster, and further, these conditions spin out of control.

When you go to brush and floss your teeth, you want to make sure you are getting your teeth, tongue, cheeks and the roof of your mouth. You should brush for two to three minutes and always use ADA approved appliances and products. You want to make this part of your regular oral care routine, on top of coming in to see us regularly.

Not only does cleaning your tongue remove bacteria, germs, fungus and debris from your mouth, but it actually also helps to provide your immune system with a boost. When you ignore cleaning your tongue, every time you swallow, clear your throat, eat or drink, you are ingesting harmful bacteria that can ultimately get you sick. By ensuring your tongue is clean, not only are you reducing he risk of gum disease, but you are minimizing your risk for health illnesses and health conditions.

If you want to learn more about gum disease or how important brushing your tongue is, contact our office today and we’ll be more than happy to help.