How Gums Get a Deep Cleaning

A typical dental exam usually includes a routine cleaning, but occasionally we have to advise a patient that they require a more thorough approach to their oral hygiene. When patients have a more advanced stage of gum disease, a routine cleaning won’t be able to get into the pockets that have formed around their gums, […]

What Makes an Abscess a Dental Emergency?

If you have an abscess in your teeth or gums, one of the symptoms you will have is pain. Other symptoms include swelling and bleeding of the gums. It is possible to ignore these symptoms and how they disappear. Sometimes the symptoms do subside, but that does not mean they have gone away. An abscess […]

Is Mouthwash Making Your Gum Disease Worse?

People who have gum disease are looking for anything that will help them improve their gum health. They know that if they want to continue to improve their gum health, it will make their gum health better over time. Mouthwash can be a good way to help combat gum disease and keep your mouth healthy. […]

Times Where A Gum Graft Becomes Necessary

If you have periodontal disease, you know that you need to protect your gums from further damage. There are cases where a gum graft might be necessary. But what is a gum graft? What are gum grafts used for? We have answers to your questions about gum grafts. When gum grafts are used, patients report […]

How Can We Rebuild the Gums if You Want Dental Implants?

If you are considering dental implants, it is likely that you have experienced advanced gum disease. Experiencing advanced gum disease can wreak havoc not only on your gum’s health, but also your gum line. It is common to see people who have suffered from gum disease, lose part of their gums to the disease, and […]

Gum Disease Treatment is Often More Effective When We Use Lasers

People affected by advanced gum disease known as periodontitis often experience deterioration of the gums. Some of the more common symptoms related to the gums are inflammation and bleeding of the gums, recession of the gum line, and infections in the gums. The longer a person experiences advanced gum disease, the more they are at […]

Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

If you are considering getting dental implants, the cost of the procedure is almost certainly one of the things at the forefront of your mind. To be sure, dental implants do cost more than other forms of dental constructions. Dentures, bridges, crowns, and other are usually less costly and require a small-time commitment, as well. […]

How Gum Disease Progresses

Have you been told that you have gum disease? If so, and if it is still in its early stages, you should know that it is highly treatable without drastic intervention, at least until it reaches more advanced stages. Here is how gum disease progresses. Early Gum Disease At its initial stage, gum disease is […]

Does Birth Control Increase Your Risk of Gum Disease?

For many women, taking birth control is an easy and effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Still, for all its benefits, oral birth control can have a few drawbacks. One of these is an increase in the chances of developing gum disease. If you are taking birth control, or if you are considering doing so, […]

Do Receding Gums Prevent You From Getting Implants?

Receding gums expose the roots of your teeth. This is something you must deal with before you can get dental implants because you need a stable, enough jawbone and healthy gum tissue for them to be successful. The best way of dealing with this is by having gum grafts. Why You Can’t Get Dental Implants […]